BPH Related conditions

If left untreated, the symptoms of BPH can significantly worsen and lead to some common BPH-related conditions and complications:
  • Acute urinary retention, or AUR: a very painful condition that leaves the patient completely unable to empty his bladder.  This can only be treated with a catheter, which is inserted through the penis.
  • Bladder damage: After continued incomplete drainage of the bladder, the wall of the bladder begins to stretch from the stress of holding urine.  In some cases, the bladder function has deteriorated so much that patients will retain more than one litter of urine in their bladder without even realizing it!  This kind of situation can usually led to even more serious complications, such as persistent urine infections, bladder diverticula, bladder stones, and ultimately, kidney failure.  
  • Kidney damage: this may be caused by perpetual bladder and/or kidney infections as well as incomplete drainage of urine.  Urine that collects in the kidneys may ultimately lead to hydronephrosis, or a swelling in the kidneys due to collected urine.
  • Bladder stones: Mineral deposits may accumulate and cause irritation, bleeding, infection, and ultimately blockage of urinary flow or urinary retention.  In fact, most bladder stones occur in men, and are generally caused by BPH.
It is important to know that up to half of all men in their 60s have symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and this rises up to 90 percent of all men in their 70s.  However, only a small percentage of men who suffer from the above symptoms actually talk to their doctors about treatment.  Many older men will find the symptoms to be more noticeable, and consequently report them, but any man with irritating symptoms should not hesitate to talk to their doctor.
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