Penile Enhancement in New York, NY

Male Penile Enhancement

Penile appearance is a source of security and pride for men. A man’s perception of his own penis size can significantly impact a man’s confidence and a positive body image. Men who are self-conscious about the size of their penis in either its flaccid or erect state may experience anxiety-induced sexual problems as well as other psychological issues.

Penile enhancement surgeries and procedures can improve a man’s self esteem and confidence, and can be particularly beneficial for men who suffer from certain forms of penile deformities such as abnormal curvature, buried penis or retracted penis.

Benefits of Penile enhancement

Improving flaccid length and girth of penis can lead to dramatic improvement in a man’s confidence and sexual performance. Some of the benefits of penile enhancement surgery include increasing flaccid penile length by one to two inches although erect penile length could still vary. Such procedures look and feel completely natural and fully customizable.

Who is a Candidate For Penile Enhancement?

If you are thinking about undergoing penile enhancement procedures, it may be helpful to understand who are the best candidates:

  •  Men who are unhappy for a flaccid appearance for penis.
  • Men with buried penis (this may often require additonal procedures)
  • Men with Penile deformity
  • Men whose feelings of masculinity are negatively impacted due to unappealing penile length or girth.
  • Men who suffer from penile shortening due to such factors as prolonged erectile dysfunction, surgeries for erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer and radiation.

Types of Penile Enhancement Procedures

There are many techniques and procedures for penile enhancement, especially penile widening. Some of these heavily advertised techniques have proven to be largely ineffective while others produce excellent results.

Vacuum Devices

These instruments have not shown any improvement in penile length or girth.

Penile Traction Devices

Penile traction devices use the principle of continuous mechanical force transduction across a tissue plane to produce tissue remodeling, much like dental braces are used to induce bone remodeling and correct tooth alignment.

Using these devices requires wearing the traction for 4-6 hours per day for the duration of no less than six months. Some studies have shown flaccid penile length gain of 2-2.5 cm and about 1 – 2 cm erect length with the greatest change in length occurring during the first month of therapy. However the gain in the penile girth or thickness is typically very minimal. Therefore, using these penile traction devices is not recommended for penile girth enhancement.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

This is a form of regenerative treatment where a man’s own blood is used to harvest Platelet cells. This plasma which is rich with a man’s platelet cells is then injected into the penis. In our practice, PRP is typically used as a regenerative procedure to treat men with erectile dysfunction in conjunction with other regenerative procedures such as stem cells and penile shockwave therapy. Even though PRP can be used to enhance penile girth, the effect may not be permanent and may require repeated injections.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, also known as injectable implants, soft tissue fillers, or wrinkle fillers are medical implants approved by the FDA for use in helping to create a smoother and/or fuller appearance, mainly in the face. These fillers are mostly made of absorbable material and the most common form is hyaluronic acid. Even though not FDA approved at this time, these fillers are being successfully used elsewhere in the body including feet, breasts, bottucks and the genitalia. Most of these enhancement fillers are typically not permanent. Other issues in using fillers in penile enhancement include unevenness due to uneven re-absorption as well as other deformities. In our practice, we very rarely use these tissue fillers, especially permanent fillers, for penile enhancement.


AlloDerm is donated cadaveric skin tissue where all of the cellular materials have been removed through an aseptic process leaving only extracellular matrix structure. When this AlloDerm is used in a damaged area of the body, it aids the regenerative process by providing a framework that facilitates the migration of new cells and blood vessels into the tissue. AlloDerm is currently being used in breast reconstruction, hernia repair for additional support for pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery, as well as for penile enhancement. During penile enhancement, a layer of AlloDerm is implanted under the penile skin to enhance penile girth and improve flaccid penile length.

Autologous fat transfer

This is a procedure and technique that has recently gained popularity in the field of aesthetic surgery. Basically a man’s own fat cells are used as dermal filler in the penis. The advantage of autologous fat transfer is that once the cells survive, they last for life. They are also 100% natural and are from a man to himself. This procedure is also becoming very popular for breast augmentation.

The procedure begins with selecting a fat harvest site on the patient’s body, usually in the abdominal or buttock area. The harvested fat cells are then processed through some filtration and then the good fat cells are injected into the desired areas, in this case into the penile shaft. A critical part of this procedure for the best outcome is the number of fat cells which will survive over time. A repeat procedure to harvest additional fat cells might be required to achieve the desired results.


Penuma® is the first FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic penile enhancement. This is the first ever implant specifically designed for male genital enhancement and probably the most promising option. It is a crescent-shaped medical grade silicon-based sleeve that is implanted surgically under the penile skin through a small incision at the base of the penis. This is a fully customizable implant and comes in three different sizes. This implant can help patients cosmetically correct the penis with an increased flaccid penile girth between 3-5 cm. Patients who have used Penuma generally report minimal side effects along with high satisfaction with the results.