Evaluation for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not an illness rather, it is a sign of some serious underlying medical or psychological condition which has led the patient to this condition. Based on this philosophy, We at New York Urologic, believe that each and every patient should receive a comprehensive medical, psychological evaluations to identify the cause, not only to achieve the best success in treating Ed, but also treat the medical or psychological conditions let to ED. If cause is known such as prostate surgery, then evaluation is simple and patient will be enrolled in to a treatment protocol immediately. On the other hand, the cause may not well know. In that case, certain diagnostic evaluations will take placed. In general, once a comprehensive medical examination completed, patient will undergo a complete and detailed bleed examinations. At times, patients undergo some specific tests such as a two or three nights Nocturnal Penile tumescent Study or RigiScan®. Penile Doppler study will be followed if there is an abnormal RigiScan® study or, a vascular etiology is suspected.

RigiScan® : This is study which is performed at patient’s home.  The purpose of this test is to measure the number of penile erectile activities and penile rigidity at sleep.  Patient takes a suitcase home for two or three nights based on the doctor’s order which contains a small device.  Patient is required to wears this device with its attachments when he goes to sleep.  While patient is asleep, this RigiScan device collects a series of data that will be downloaded in to a computer in the doctor’s office once the device has been  brought back.

Penile Doppler:  Is an in office procedure that the urologist used a Doppler ultrasound system to measure penile blood flow before and after administration of medication and normally induces erection.  Patients with arterial disorder will have minimal to no increase in their penile blood flow, but patients with normal function will have very good increase.

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