Kidney Cancer

About Kidney Cancer

Today, kidney cancer is being diagnosed at much earlier stages thanks to advancing imaging studies such as CT and MRI scans. This has allowed modern medicine to better and more quickly treat kidney cancers. Most cases of kidney cancer do not present with symptoms in the earlier stages. But in later stages, symptoms may include blood in the urine, abdominal pain that cannot be otherwise explained, consistent fever, unexplained weight loss, all over bodily weakness and constant fatigue.


Kidney Cancer Treatment

Surgery is the gold standard and the first step in the treatment of kidney cancer. This surgery may involve a nephrectomy, which is the surgical removal of an entire kidney. However, due to earlier diagnosis of kidney cancers while they are still in the earlier stages, the majority of kidney cancer surgeries today can spare the kidney while the cancer within it is excised entirely. This partial nephrectomy as the surgery is called is often Robotic-assisted, allowing for less and less invasive procedures and better outcomes while substantially reducing post-operative recovery time for the patient.

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