Male & Female Sexual Treatment

  • Posted on: Feb 4 2020
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happy smiling couple in gray sweaters holding each other in a park New York Urologic offers the most advanced and cutting edge treatment options for men and women with sexual disorders.

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women is often complex and multi-factorial. Many medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, and some hormonal disorders can negatively impact a person’s sexual functioning.

Men with enlarged prostate or prostate cancer who are undergoing treatment for their condition are at significantly greater risk of developing moderate to severe sexual dysfunction.

Treatments for sexual dysfunction in men often utilize a multi-modality approach by combining a variety of treatments including oral medications, injections, hormonal manipulations, low-intensity penile shockwave therapies and/ or surgical procedures such as a penile implant.

The incidence of sexual dysfunction in women under the age of 40 is significantly higher than in men. Sexual dysfunction in women can be caused by psychological conditions, hormonal disorders, chronic medical conditions, medications being taken to treat other conditions, previous surgeries or a combination of these factors. Chronic pelvic pain is among the most common signs of sexual dysfunction in women.

The treatment options used to treat sexual dysfunction in women include oral medications, laser treatments, injections, hormonal treatments, and surgery.

Regardless of a patient’s age or gender and the underlying causes of his or her sexual dysfunction, those patients with a positive self-image respond best to treatments for sexual dysfunction. At New York Urologic, we believe that helping support our patients’ positive self-image through a variety of treatments goes a long way in improving how they feel about themselves and encourages them to engage sexually.

To that end, some of our most highly-requested treatment protocols include aesthetic components such as body contouring and skin-tightening procedures to help improve patients’ self-image as sexually vibrant individuals.

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