Prostate Cancer Update at New York Urologic

  • Posted on: Oct 14 2022
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New York Urologic, the center for precision medicine is the number one and the only center in the Northeastern United States that offers focal therapy for men diagnosed with low to intermediate-risk cancer of the prostate. In the past three years, Dr. Shafizadeh, along with his partner, Dr. Fernando Bianco have successfully treated over 1500 patients with prostate cancer. For men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer, the most common current options are limited to standard treatments such as radiation, surgery or active surveillance in which the disease is not treated but rather watched until reaches a point where the treatment cannot be delayed. Focal Therapy is a new breakthrough treatment option, specifically designed for those who are not ideal candidates for active surveillance or for more aggressive treatments such as radiation or surgery because the disease is not severe enough to justify such an aggressive treatment that would result in permanent lifelong side effects such as ED and urinary incontinence.  In many instances, we plan Focal Therapy treatment zones to spar the nerves and the urethra to avoid common side effects that are typically experienced by those who had surgery.

To deliver this precise Focal Therapy treatment, an accurate diagnosis and precise disease localization are required. Therefore, we rely on an MRI-guided trans-perineal prostate biopsy prior to beginning Focal therapy. For the best results, we typically incorporate patients’ recent prostate MRI, prostate ultrasound, previous biopsies, and recent perineal biopsies to create a geometry utilizing our unique proprietary Focalyx software. All the procedures are done in our specially-designed Park Ave in-office facility.


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